One to one 


One to one sessions are specifically tailored to meet your goals and needs whilst also ensuring the best possible workout. It might be about losing weight, recovering from an injury or toning certain stubborn areas of your body – whatever you want, we can help make it happen!


Perfect if you’re new to Pilates and perhaps a little nervous about joining a class. There is no better way to learn and grow stronger then by working 1:1. It’s also the perfect environment for clients suffering with an injury as it enables the instructor to be attentive and hands on at all times. 

Duet reformer sessions allow you to train with a partner of your choice - your husband, girlfriend, friend or work a colleague - you choose! You have all the benefits of a private session, but you get the added benefits of training with a partner! You will have increased motivation, it will provide accountability, you'll be able to celebrate success together, and lets not forget... Its more fun!
Perfect if you and friend want specific training times that don't fall on our class times or if you're both training for an event and have specific training needs.