Private 1:1 home garden studio situated in Shirley, Southampton.

The Garden Studio is equipped with a brand new allegro 2 reformer (same as the studio reformers) only this one has a tower and jumpboard, meaning more variety and personalisation for each of you.
Various time slots are available throughout the week and we'll do our best to fit in around you! So, if you live around the Shirley area or find yourself around the area at certain times of the week (perhaps your children go to King Edwards school - just a 2 minute drive from there!) please do drop us a message if you’re interested in booking some sessions.

Stay at home mum or on maternity leave?
There's plenty of entertainment to entertain your child whilst you have some time to yourself(ish)! We have plenty of toys for babies and toddlers and a big TV with sky and Netflix (a little TV wont hurt!) within the large studio space and occasionally a 1.5 year old friendly play date (only if you don’t mind).


First Trial Session - £20
1 single session - £40
5 class package - £35 per session (£175 paid in advance)
10 class package - £30 per session (£300 paid in advance) 
2 a week package - £27.50 per session (£55 paid in advance weekly)
3 a week package - £25 per session (£75 paid in advance weekly) 

Contact to Book or Enquire

32 Treeside Road, Shirley, SO15 5FZ

Thanks for you message! We'll get back to you as soon as possible!